Sunday, March 27, 2016

Meet Davita's Dad- Michael

Davita's father is a passionate man. He loves his wife Annie and daughter, but he is utterly devoted to his quest for social justice. As a reporter, he is committed to reporting on the political climate.

Michael and his wife Annie believe Communism holds the answers for economic and social justice in America.. Politics is religion in the Chandal household. They frequently host house meetings to promote Unionism. Their passionate politics come at a price however when unsympathetic landlords evict them frequently for their political activism.

Eventually Michael finds himself in Spain during the Spanish Civil War.  A supporter of the Republican leftists, he covers the battles in Guernica where he demonstrates his selfless activism.

I chose to use the flag of the Republican leftists of Spain for half of Michael's face, including his nose. The hat band came from an old hat at least 40 years old and is studded with a communist pin (picture of Lenin.) Carrying the communist theme a little farther, I gifted him with a red star left eye. I used calligraphic pen nibs for his hair and mouth. A few old typewriter keys make up his sideburns.

This  and the other masks will be on display at Milagro Theater in SE Portland throughout the run of Jewish Theater Collaborative's production of Davita's Harp. Scroll down to earlier posts for information about this production...or go to the Jewish Theater Collaborative website: 

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