Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Very cool evening of music

Last night I needed a break from all the JAM planning. I gave myself a great treat. I went to  new place in SE Portland in the Sellwood neighborhood called The Woods. It's a new venue for music housed in a former mortuary.

There was nothing dead about that place last night! Tony Furtado plays a mean slide guitar and banjo. He has an ease on stage that makes him instantly likeable. He called numerous guest talents to the stage to lay/sing with him.  One of my favorite local singers, Stephanie Schneiderman was present and added warmth and song to a supportive house.

Sunday night I joined a lot of Schneiderman fans at Jimmy Maks. It was crowded and the audience talked  and talked and talked....grrrrrrr! She was amazing, but a chunk of the audience forgot to pay attention.

Last night, a smaller house (packed none-the-less) was quiet , attentive and appreciative. I felt like I was experiencing a live performance in my living room.  The causal flow of banter from Tony and others, lots of talented guests and the warm melodies and harmonies put out by Stephanie set the tone and created an intimate environment for an amazing evening of music.....the way music ought to be!

My new music discovery  lat night was Scott Law. He is an amazing guitar player who quickly won me over with his incredible ability to jam on songs that were new to him. He is a must see in Portland.

Tony will be at the Woods again on Tuesday the 2nd. I plan to be there. Join me?

Friday, January 22, 2010

How Will I know You Were Here?

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This is how to tell me you have an opinion of what you saw here:
At the bottom of any post you'll see the word comments. CLICK on that and you will be taken to a screen that allows you to comment. After that you type in the silly code they give you, hit return and are no longer a lurker...but a welcome guest!

Leave me a love note or a critique. I'm a big girl...I can take it! Bottom line, tell me you visited so I know someone out there is reading what I post!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Jewish Arts Month Calendar!

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It's just this easy....
click on this link
and you will find the JEWISH ARTS MONTH CALENDAR.

You can go to the Jewish Arts Month (JAM) blog to learn more about individual events.

I'll be posting there routinely. If these links don't work, cut and paste them into your browser!

I'm back in the groove

I am done sulking. The new saw parts and blade have been installed and my intricate hebrew letters are about 1/3 done! I have a timeline that will work if the back-ordered glass comes in within the next 10 days.
It felt so good to finalize my drawings and move forward. I love my saw and I love the shimmering dichro letters I was able to cut today.

Taurus 3 Ring Saw
I don't have any pictures to post of my work...yet. SO for now, a picture of my ring saw....sigh!

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Lots of frustration this week.

I have to give up on my plans to build a table for the Chair Affair because they changed their deadline for getting our work turned in. i understand their rationale but in the midst of JAM planning and trying to get my glass made in time for our art show...this is a set back. I will have to reassess what I can realistically get done for them. It's back to the drawing board.

Frustration #2.... the glass store is back ordered on black/silver irid glass I need....and it may not come in for two more weeks. YIKES!....but, I'm working on a solution. I'll be building 4 new pieces simultaneously so I will cut out all the glass pieces I need that doesn't involve the missing glass. When the black irid arrives, it should be a simple matter of cutting it and layering it with my precuts. With luck I will be able to fire at least three of the 4 pieces in a single firing.

Next week is pivotal. If I can get all the parts cut up for my art show pieces, I can shift my focus to the Chair Affair Project. I do have this bar stool I picked up last year from the warehouse.....I had planned to return it when my original plan failed in last year's project. I'm glad I kept it.....hmmmmm....what to do, what to do?

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Fresh Start

I have finished my final sketch and tomorrow I will finally shop for saw parts and the glass I need.
Jewish Arts Month planning has been all consuming and now it is time to get serious about my own art.

I have sooo much glass in stock and of course, the piece I need is the one piece I don't have!
Friday I will buy my challah instead of baking...and will spend the time cutting glass instead.
My plans are ambitious and hopefully I'll be able to post pictures of my progress.

I need to make a tough decision about my Chair Affair Project. It looks like the table idea I had is just too big to make it work this year. I will hold the table top in reserve and perhaps use it next year. With 2 art shows looming in the near future, I need to use my time wisely.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Pre-JAM Slam!

That's our name for the party.
Rumors are spreading that possible city dignitaries may attend.
Hmmmmm....wonder who they're talking about?

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

We'll be Jammin'

February 24th (time tba)'s a party and you are invited! Mittleman Jewish Community Center Ballroom in Portland Oregon. This is our Kickoff event for Jewish Arts month.

Lots of artists, actors, musicians...and some special guests. Food, drink, entertainment........More details to follow. Stay tuned!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

The NEA is part of our funding!

I was negligent in not posting that the NEA is a part of the generous grant awarded by the Oregon Arts Commission.  Jewish Arts Month aka JAM will begin our fundraising campaign Monday. Hopefully the faith these two agencies have in us will be shared by art lovers in Portland. We're working hard to make this a fabulous festival...and one that will return year after year.