Sunday, March 31, 2013


Here's the last of my current Torah Pointers. 
Slender, smooth, with a touch of playful! 

This is polished smooth with a soft point that is safe to use on parchment. I have several of these....each a little different from each other, but basically they have the same pattern scheme

Of course, it is made of take care with it and always put it back in its box for safe keeping.

I'll be leading end of Passover services (Yizkor) Tuesday. I think I'll use one of these when reading Torah. This speaks SPRING!

Thursday, March 28, 2013


Seder Plate honoring my family members who survived the holocaust.
I made this plate several years ago. The star is cut from rippled dichroic glass that sparkles in every light while the wings are made from transparent dichroic glass and depending on the lighting, are either invisible or have a shadowy quality to them.

I am on a break from studio work until Passover concludes. My new works include more Torah pointers, at least one new seder plate and a handful of other new designs. All will be on display at the Mittleman Jewish Community Center in May for JAM...Jewish Arts Month. 

New pictures will be posted when as the new work emerges from the kiln.
Happy Spring!

Friday, March 22, 2013

New Torah Pointers- fresh from the kiln

clear glass with dreamy pastels
two shades of blue, black and clear
Each side is different...opaque, brillant colors

Smooth, soft in the hand, rounded point.
I read Torah regularly and this has a nice feel in my hand. I will test one out tomorrow morning....but which one?

I have plenty of these in stock....comes with a gift box and a modest price. Each yad is unique even though they employ the same colors

Interested? Zap me a note after shabbes!

Monday, March 18, 2013

New Torah Pointers!

New Prototype!
This is my newest design in Torah pointers.
Every yad is a modern design and quite unique!

Most Yads (or Torah pointers) are made of silver or silver plated metal. They are shiny but subject to dings and dents. The points are often sharp and they can scratch the parchment.

Some folks use yads that have been "blown" using lampworking techniques in a flame. They tend to mimic the design of metal and fail to advance the natural beauty of glass.

Pictured above, this yad is made from a base of iridized glass and layered with bits of dichroic glass, mica powder, and crystal clear glass. The points are soft and rounded.  No two yads are alike! I'll post some other designs in a day or so when they are complete.

These are perfect as affordable Bar and Bat Mitzvah gifts! 
Contact me if you are interested in seeing the rest of the collection!


Ready for delivery!

The Chamsah is a wonderful symbol for any young woman. It is a symbol commonly found on amulets in the middle east. "Chamsah" literally means "five". It is known as "the hand of Fatima", "the hand of Mary", and "the hand of Miriam"- three remarkable women representing three remarkable faiths.
I hope the young woman who recently celebrated her Bat Mitzvah will draw inspiration for strength, courage, and learning from each of these matriarchs.

As always, photographing glass is a real challenge. The glare and reflections are tough to control. The background glass is a beautiful transparent turquoise but In order to minimize glare, I had to shoot it on a black background. 

Now on to my next project....a new design for a Torah pointer- Yad.  These will be made in the kiln rather that worked with a torch. Stay tuned!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Chamsah Added

Ready to Slump!
I made an on the spot decision not to flip and fire. I like the lines and when I slump the flat plate into the origami mold, I hope the seams will add visual interest to it.

I have fused a clear dichroic rippled glass chamsah on the opaque dichro as a tack-fuse.

Tomorrow it should come out of the kiln and be ready for a final polish and cleaning. Delivery is Tuesday if all goes well!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Back to the Drawing Board

Sorry, no pictures to share today!

While the commissioned plate is in the kiln, I can use the "down time" to design the next commission....a wedding gift. It will be a 15" bowl with a mountain and a tree. Creating a mountain that isn't a childish triangle and looks good in glass is proving to be a challenge. I also need to include a line from a poem used during the wedding ceremony. 

I'll be using iridized soft green glass....
-toying with the idea of using silver foil for the mountains.
If I do use silver foil, I'll need to clear cap the piece. If I use glass for the mountain and trees , then I am tempted to place the irid glass on top and go with the matte finish....hmmmmmm.....

This is an incredibly thoughtful gift and I want to honor the newlyweds, but also the folks who have commissioned the piece.

It's back to the drawing board....tomorrow!
Stay tuned!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A plate....My process

This is a new commissioned piece for a young woman who just celebrated her Bat Mitzvah. The colors were inspired by her beautiful custom silk tallit.

The background glass is actually a transparent iridized turquoise base, 11.5"x 11.5". The center is a 7.5"x 7.5" piece of dichroic glass. Strips of clear have been cut to frame the dichroic center. It's in the kiln for it's first firing. I'm assuming that the seams will show when I check it in the morning. If so, I will do a "flip and fire" so the glass has a chance to flow and spread a bit. That should hide the seams. 

Friday, I'll add decorative elements. New photos will follow.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Waiting for the Glue to Dry!

  • These are my newest contemporary-styled tallit clips. When the glue dries I will attach chains and then the bar mitzvah family will select the clips they want!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Support Community Warehouse!- CHAIR AFFAIR!!!!

You've heard me say it many times..... COMMUNITY WAREHOUSE is one of the finest non profit agencies anywhere!

FIRST THURSDAY , March 7th is the traditional night out for art lovers. Head on over to Pioneer Place.....check out the retail space next to Eddy Bauers. You'll find lots of awesome art available for sale......AND/OR......

COME to the Chair Affair auction on March 21st and bid on the remaining art!

When you donate money, furniture, household goods, and/or buy help CW help others. Kids will have beds to sleep in, families will have  tables to gather around and share a meal, and pots and pans with which to cook their meals.

You'll be glad you did!

check them out at:

If The Screw Fits.....!

When you have a sign, you know it's official!

As you know, I had to do a few repairs to the mirror. Then we discovered that all the mounting screws were misplaced! (You need to realize that at least 50 pieces of furniture and auction items were moved all at once!)
A quick trip to the hardware store for 2 screws and another trip to Pioneer Place was all it took to put the dresser into shape for the auction. 

Here's a close up of the bird and below and.....a less than perfect (dark) shot of the whole dresser. You can scroll down to see a better full piece shot.

Go to the Community Warehouse website to learn how you can buy cool stuff ...either Thursday night or at the auction. 

Curious about other items? Shots of art on the website are growing daily...... here's your link:

Monday, March 4, 2013

The Dresser Needs a New Name!

I'm flirting with names like "The Perils of Pauline", "Calamity Jane" or........"Frustration Masterpiece."

As I mentioned in an earlier post, some damage to one of the mirrors occurred. I showed up at Pioneer Place to re-do the stained glass pieces, only to discover that the beautiful store front (awesome donated space!) had overhead lights but none of the outlets worked!

What's a frustrated artist to do?   
OK, I was desperate!  I took the mirror and my tools to the Women's Room... I balanced everything across one of the sinks, plugged in my soldering iron and half an hour later, the mirror was finished!

It was actually a bit of a sociological study. What do people do when they discover someone doing something strange in a public restroom?.....they pretend they don't see you! 

Back in the store, ready to assemble the dresser again and........ the mounting screws have gone missing!  REALLY????

I'll be back tomorrow with new screws....... maybe the dresser will be finished...FOR REAL!