Friday, January 28, 2011

New Mezuzah Line!

Fresh out of the kiln! Three new styles of Mezzuzot (plural for Mezuzah.)

I was commissioned to create a Mezuzah for a beach front home. It needed to be water resistant and sit flush against the door post. I wasn't sure what she wanted so I created three very different pieces.

These photos were just snapped this afternoon on the beach just outside of the vacation home. Of course the klaf wasn't inside any of them when I took the pictures. The home owner selected the pomegranate!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Man of Vision, A Man of Peace

I had coffee today with LeRoy Goertz.
The Oregonian had a feature story about his newest artistic creation: A Project called The Art of Reconciliation.

I won't repeat his story here. He says it well enough on his website.
LeRoy is a sculptor and a dreamer. He has already begun the dialogue with numerous groups Apparently there was quite an exhibition on November 20th in celebration of Resolution Northwest's 25th Anniversary celebration.

There will be more conversations as we explore the potential of gathering artists from multiple cultural backgrounds to work together in a meaningful way.... using art to spread the message of reconciliation and peace. Will it work? Have there been studies to prove this is possible? Probably not, but how can you listen to music or view a piece of art or read a poem and not be affected?

Stay tuned.....this man is on to something! It was so kind of him to open the door to those of us who wish to join him!  THANK YOU LEROY!  We'll be talking!