Tuesday, May 20, 2014

"AFTER" pix......

These were installed this afternoon!

Linen Closet


"Before" Pix: New Glass Pulls

Finally....I make something for myself!

Linen Closet


Cabinet Pulls

Drawer Pulls

So pleased to see how well they match the granite!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Kiln room gets a sweet entrance!

Kiln Room Porch

I have a new little porch for the kiln room!
Next week a motion sensor light will be installed and I can officially proclaim that this space is DONE! 
(well...almost done...I still need to move in some shelving units and my molds.)

Bedroom Tree House (sorry for the messy bed)
Our bedroom/bath remodel is basically done with just some touch ups left to be done. We will have someone painting our entry hall next week and....a tile guy should be here in a week or so to install new countertop tile that I made in our main floor powder room.  Of course , we haven't begun to deal with window coverings....but the plastic has been peeled off or windows and now the forest is present in our space. It really does feel like we are living in a tree house. 

Main Floor Reading Room

I wish I could say that is the end of it all...but....we still need to paint the house and re-do the upper deck. I suspect that another project will creep in to our minds....but it's really quite thrilling to see the results . We are blessed!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Fabric of her Life

Three completed memorial candle holders

I am completing an order of five Yahrzeit candle bridges to honor the memory of a beloved wife and mother.

Rainbow iridescent cobalt blue glass and dichroic glass letters are used in my  traditional design.

raw glass in the kiln resting on lava cloth

What makes these different from other bridges I have made is the texturing on the bottom.

I fused these on textured lava cloth which imprints a fabric pattern (herringbone) on the bottom. Because the glass is transparent you can see the faint texture showing through.

herringbone texture on the back

My father was a tailor and my mother knitted. It isn't a surprise that many of my art metaphors have emerged from an early exposure to the fiber world. This family is close....and their lives are intricately woven together. I had the pleasure of knowing the Mother who passed away two years ago. She blessed this family with love and a deep sense of connectedness. She maintained the "loom" and weaving a tapestry of family gatherings, celebrations, and more.

Blessings to her family as they observe this second anniversary of her passing. As they light their candles, they will recall the many blessings she bestowed on them.  The letters zahyin and lamed are abbreviations for zichro livracha: May her memory be for a blessing.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014



Oregon Jewish Museum is one of my favorite non-profits in town.

Every year OJM hosts a beautiful fundraiser auction and this is what I made specifically for the event. Sunday, May 4th this event was held at the historic Benson Hotel.

It's hard to tell from the photo, but this wall mounted mixed media piece hosts  5 separate panels mounted at different depths to a highly polished piece of cobalt plastic which in turn is mounted to  hand-polished aluminum. The decorative elements are mounted to aventurine blue glass that sparkles like glitter in the light.

Congrats to the new owners Elaine and Jonathon! ... thank you for supporting an awesome museum!