Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Let me tell you about GEEZER!

I just got word that my art submissions have passed muster and I will be part of the TRIFECTA: A Feast for the Senses show at Artist Rep. I am very excited to be part of this wonderful effort. I love, love, love Amy Herzog's play 4,000 miles and hope that my art work crafted for this event will sufficiently honor the show.

In this post I want to honor Geezer Gallery and its founder Amy Henderson. Tomorrow I will share some information about Patty Goodlund, their curator. 

The Geezer Gallery aka TGG is a fabulous concept that honors a segment of the population that is often overlooked.... senior citizens.

Just a few years ago I was able to display/sell some of my art at their Multnomah Village Gallery (they have since moved!)
At that time I dubbed myself a "geezer in waiting." I am officially a Geezer and proud of it!

The face behind TGG is a most innovative and tireless soul, Amy Henderson (pictured above.) I chose this picture of her on the phone because she is always on the move...always doing something energetic to benefit TGG!

TGG isn't just a gallery ... it is a movement! TGG seeks to empower aging artists to continue pursuing their work. TGG wants to empower every senior to have experiences in the arts and in conjunction with medical researchers is exploring the ways in which engaging in the arts impacts the aging brain. I bet you can guess what they are learning!!!!!

No need for me to get into the details...you can discover that for yourself at   geezergallery.com . I just want to sing their praises!

Go to their website and get your tickets while they last! See you at the show!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Coming in May!

Why TRIFECTA? Because 3 amazing non-profit groups have joined together what they all do best....

Artist Repertory Theater (A.R.T.) , Geezer Gallery, and ORA Northwest Jewish Artists are in collaboration .....At the center of this is a fabulous play  called  4,000 Miles by Amy Herzog.
Geezer Gallery operates the lobby gallery at ART and were most generous in inviting ORA artists to create art focused on the themes of this theatrical Pulitzer finalist .

This is a juried show...so I'll let you know what happens....when I know.

What you should know is that a 4th entity brings the culinary arts into the mix! Jamison Restaurant has designed a most special menu to compliment the theater production and art work (some of the art will be on display at the restaurant!!!!) There is an exciting restaurant, theater , and meet the artists opportunity.

For more information  go to: 

I'll post more information soon!
Stay tuned!!!!!!