Monday, October 25, 2010

Last of the Red-Hot Mammas!

You won't want to miss this! Wendy Westerwelle ( a HOT MAMMA in her own right!) will star in this one woman show about Sophie Tucker. This is must see entertainment right here in Portland at the Coho Theater Dec 2-26, 2010 See you there!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Custom Clips

Leaf clips for the tallit belonging to a landscape architect and
blue pomegranates for a Bat Mitzvah tallit .

The leaves are made from aventurine glass. The green sparkles with subtle gold flecks whenever the light hits it!

The pomegranates have dichroic glass "seed pods"

It's always fun to hear what people select and even more fun trying to use the glass to achieve their desires.

The Celebration of Art Show is this Sunday at the Mittleman Jewish Community Center. Hours are 10am-4 pm- October 24th 2010.

I will have some pre-made clips, bowls, trays, Torah adornments on display...and commissions are welcome.

I am pleased that despite setbacks by my arm, I have sufficient stock to put out a nice display.
I hope you'll come, stop by, say hello and tell me that you saw my blog.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Lots and Lots of squares

It still hurts to cut glass, so I've been rummaging around my studio looking for pre-cut anything....

...and I found a small box of 1x1" squares!

I am dreaming up something a little more creative than a checkerboard least a different kind of checkerboard.....

I've washed and dried to play and arrange and rearrange! Hope something great emerges!

Monday, October 4, 2010

First Effort

Well, it's a start. Four months of physical therapy and I have some decent range of motion in my elbow. The shoulder is improving at a snail's pace...and I'll admit, it isn't fun to be cutting glass. Elbow and shoulder strength are needed and I just don't have it yet.

A big sale (Celebration of ART 2010 @ MJCC) is only a couple of weeks away so it's time to get busy and hope that my arm will hold out. Come see me at the sale....Oct 24th 10am-4pm~!

New x-rays on the 20th.....hopefully I am continuing to make solid healing progress!
P/T is helping and I am now down to 1x/ week. I can do it!!!!!