Friday, September 24, 2010

New Stuff !

Brooches...the "in" word for pins....
just came out of my kiln .
Here are two of my favorites....pinless thus far.
They aren't typical of the work I usually do.

Tell me what you think!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I have nothing new to post! This is a piece (a flat tile) I made last summer. It speaks to me of possibilities.....

....sigh!.....We didn't get around to setting up the saw and cutting glass. The short time my son was home evaporated...but every moment was worth it. When Rosh Hashanah has ended, I will tackle some new projects. I will invite some friends to come help me set up the saw and help me get the needed blanks cut. Asking for help really is ok!

I am determined...and optimistic....even though I still haven't heard a word from my surgeon about when I can begin to handle weight with my right arm (yes, I am sulking!....okay, I'm done!)

So I am pledging optimism for myself! RH is a week away......a time for renewal, asking for forgiveness from others, and a time to forgive myself.

To those of you kind enough to visit this site...and to those who do not......wishes for a peaceful, joyous, and HEALTHY new year!