Wednesday, August 26, 2009

One of my new toys.....

ok, it's still in the box! I put together the simple stand to hold it, but the saw is too heavy to pull out of the box. It's an MK 370..... loud and strong!
Help arrives tomorrow.
I'll unpack toy #2 when I get a table for it (tomorrow, I HOPE!) and then I'll get to play (I mean work!) Lots of glass pattern bars waiting to be sliced, and lots of finished work in need of a final polishing.

The biggest challenge ahead of me is trying to figure out where to put both toys. They both require water- which translates to EVERYTHING IN A RADIUS OF SEVERAL FEET GETS VERY, VERY WET. I wear a very attractive rubber apron and goggles, a respirator and ear muffs with the saw.
Maybe the garage? or toys?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


TODAY new toys arrived...piece by piece!
First came saw blades, followed by diamond embedded steel lap wheel disks, followed by a new wet tile saw and a table for the saw.

It was such a busy day that all the toys remain in their cartons, untouched.
What to unpack first??????
Pictures tomorrow....I promise!

Thank you Patty Gray for teaching such an inspiring workshop in Eugene in July.
I worked hard and learned soooo much. I screwed up the courage to invest in my passion for glass. These tools will allow me to create more professional pieces of work. I am psyched!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Dr. Thomas Bowery Takes It To A New Level

Sarasota Florida is host to numerous retirement communities. My in-laws live in a beautiful spot called Glenridge. On a recent visit, my husband and I toured the Glenridge campus with a special stop at the apartment of Dr. Thomas Bowery. Dr. Bowery has created one of the most unique living environments I have ever seen.

This gentleman is passionate about glass and japanese gardens. His apartment contains THREE japanese gardens and the rest of his immaculate home is studded with glass fountains, wall mounted fused glass and show cases filled with cast and blown glass. Aside from a twin bed, there was no furniture...just art!

My photos don't do his space justice, but here is a small sample.
His home is filled with color and light and joy. Who could ask for anything more?