Thursday, August 13, 2009

Dr. Thomas Bowery Takes It To A New Level

Sarasota Florida is host to numerous retirement communities. My in-laws live in a beautiful spot called Glenridge. On a recent visit, my husband and I toured the Glenridge campus with a special stop at the apartment of Dr. Thomas Bowery. Dr. Bowery has created one of the most unique living environments I have ever seen.

This gentleman is passionate about glass and japanese gardens. His apartment contains THREE japanese gardens and the rest of his immaculate home is studded with glass fountains, wall mounted fused glass and show cases filled with cast and blown glass. Aside from a twin bed, there was no furniture...just art!

My photos don't do his space justice, but here is a small sample.
His home is filled with color and light and joy. Who could ask for anything more?


Shani Fox, ND said...

Thanks, Eddy - if not for your blog entry most of us would have had no idea of the existence of this little sanctuary. A new level indeed.
Rav brachot, Shani

Sparks of Spirit Glass said...

You would love this apartment. A spiritual haven within the confines of a retirement community. Such a treat! And it certainly makes me wonder why we don't do this more....transform our homes into spiritual spaces?

estherbeads said...

This is so beautiful! It's a great reminder of how you can make your environment your own, if you're really dedicated. Wow.