Monday, May 16, 2011



Twice in the past 6 weeks I have felt myself transported to amazing places while listening to these guys play live and in concert.

I own their albums and I am on my way to becoming a groupie!!!!!! (I don't know what that means!)

I am a serious fan of Klezmer Music. I love Jazz. These guys know how to to do both. Just look at their faces while they make their music. They are joyous and their music will transport you to happy places, as well. REALLY!

I'll be about you?

Heres the scoop:

Klezmocracy at Alberta Rose Theatre on June 11 for their CD release of "Reach".  Minors welcome w/ adult.  For more information please go to or call 502-746-4131 for ticket information.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Glass in New Orleans

New Orleans Aids Memorial

Close up: Faces of Aids

Long over-due, I have finally downloaded my photos from New Orleans. I didn't see a lot of glass.... I will admit I was swept away by the gorgeous music and soooooo....

What you see above was absolutely the most beautiful glass I saw during my brief stay in the Big Easy!
This is in a community park. It is the New Orleans Aids Memorial.....the Faces of Aids.

Tim Tate designed the structure, Mitchell Gaudet cast the faces- Brian Borello and Erica Larkin crafted the metal.

This is a remarkable, thoughtful and beautiful tribute to the victims of Aids. It is a must see for all glass lovers.