Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Maintenance Time

Scraping kiln shelves before coating them with kiln wash. It's tedious but necessary. 
Step one is to wet down the used shelf....then I use a razor blade scraper to remove the old kiln wash. That's the tedious part. Once it's nicely cleaned I put at least 5 coats of fresh kiln wash using a Haake brush. It goes on pink but once I dry it in the kiln it turns white and is ready for glass.

I am blessed to have a wet working space on my  the sounds of my creek and the birds chirping up the canyon make the work rather pleasant.

 I have many projects just waiting for to make the time!

Friday, August 26, 2016


My neighbor is a he took me to HIS candy store....GOBY!

I like working with pretty, shiny things. Wood is pretty. It doesn't least not in its raw form. But oh my, wood is seductive!

And I couldn't just look...right?   I had to buy some pieces. I am excited about the pieces I selected, even though it means finishing and oiling the wood to bring out its characteristics. These pieces will become mounting boards for my glass work. I am quite excited about the prospect and am looking forward to some future design work wth the wood in mind! Tonight I shall have dreams of wooden tables made from the slice of a tree. Someday, I will make one!

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Bargain Basement #4

Tallit Clips and Bottle Stoppers.....below cost...priced to sell!

top to bottom
rectangles with dichro   $12
chamsah in dichro  $14
pomegranates  $14
60% + off!

Bottle Stopper  $15

Dove Bird Stopper  $15

Tallit clips
rainbow clips $12
white w/ dichroic purple squares $14

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The Bargain Basement Part 3

Lovely striped cheese/appetizer plate with knife
 6"x 5"
4 silicone feet hold it off the table. Includes a small knife.
was $ $12

Spoon Rests!
were $15 $8 each 

Tuesday, August 2, 2016


Here are a few more goodies available to you at ridiculously low prices! I am cleaning out my bins to make room for new items. Take advantage of this opportunity. Most items priced below my cost!

was $ $50...includes small sushi dish 3"x3" (free)
(priced well below cost)

small sushi dish free with purchase of bowl above

small prized blue dishes...great for holding jewelry, tea bags, coins
was $20 for the $10 SOLD!

small sushi style dish with kiln carved chasmal design.
Was $18.....priced it at $12...but changed my mind....yours for $10

Matzah Tray
about 11"x11"  Lettering reads "Matzah" in hebrew
was $ $45 dichroic letters

Shalom in the Mirror
11"11" soft blue plate with dichroic letters....Shalom! (Peace)
was $ $50

ART DECO copper fil circles embedded in glass with red stringers
was $ $25


See something you like? 
Send me a message:
       Most items are priced below my's called making room for new inventory!

8"x8" sushi style plate....just in time for Sukkot!
was $ $25

Hard to see...I know! 
Clear drop dish with etched leaves pattern on it.
8"x8" was $ $20

11"x11" origami shaped dish...streaky red with  dichroic lettering
was $  $42

6"x6" sushi style plate
The letter Hebrew letter Ayin (Eyes) in dichroic
was $ $18 (below my cost)

The Monumental Sort!

I am sorting through all my glass inventory, display stuff, and bubblewrap!

Thanks to the assistance of my husband....who has no emotional attachment to any of this stuff...we have whittled everything down to a manageable set of storage containers.  

I know....all you can see is part of a messy table. It's more interesting than neatly packed rubbermaid containers.

The end result is a clearly written inventory of what I have and a glaring awareness of what I need to create to have a beautiful fall show.

My next post will share photos of my Bargain Basement items...priced to sell. My mark up is never high so sales are rare. 
At this point I want to make storage available for new items, so it's good news for you bargain shoppers out there. Most items will be priced at cost of glass...not cost to make (kiln time, tools, my time, etc) A few items will be featured BELOW cost!

That post will be up later today. I just need to take photos and asses the cost per item. I will post a few at a time!