Saturday, July 4, 2009

Making Progress!

The studio is coming along, although the organizing of it has taken longer than I would have imagined.

I have moved shelving and racks back and forth and repositioned things like my frit and stringer collection. Taking off closet doors helped a lot. The desk was cleared once but is full, yet again....sigh!

I picked up some rubbermaid shoe boxes and this week I'll be packing and labeling various jewelry components. Sunday is kiln rehab day. After 2.5 hrs of Bar/bat Mitzvah tutoring, I will relax by vacuuming out the kilns and doing shelf maintenance.

A new commission as well as an order for a yahrzeit candle bridge purchased at the P'nei Or auction are awaiting my attention. But first, more studio work and then there's the Bullseye sale starting Tuesday. I will use restraint and only buy what I really, really need! Everything that comes into my studio must have a home! Those are my two new mantras.....only buy what I need and everything must have a home! If only saying this made it so!