Wednesday, February 29, 2012


The Geezer Gallery is an amazing place with a provocative name!

They are hosting ORA artists....some of the artists are 60 + years old and have crossed over into Geezer-dom. For a little while longer, I remain a Geezer in waiting! 

Friday March 1st we will welcome guests to see our art work as well as the art of a number of non ORA artists. SOme of us paired up with a resident of Rose Schnitzer Manor. My partner is a talented artist, Evelyn Hirsch. She created a beautiful pastel picture of flowers. Together, we translated that into a lovely glass serving platter. Photos will follow after the opening.

On March 8th we will have our official opening and will even feature free samples of Ambacht Beer.
Come on over to the Gallery....the art is fine!  

I am grateful to the Gallery for showing my work. I had fun making the glass pieces !

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Tallit Clip TIme

It has been busy around the studio these past few weeks!

Suddenly there are numerous commissions for plates, bowls, and tallit clips. 
Sprinkle in 2 lobby shows at the MJCC, meeting the Community Warehouse Chair Affair Deadline (see last post), rounding out a display at the Neveh Shalom lobby, and add in a new show at the Geezer Gallery that opens March1st! (more about Geezer in my next post!)

Pictured above are some sample tallit clips made for a lovely woman in Dayton Ohio! She needed two sets of clips, liked what I had to offer and has ordered a third custom set of clips!

She has selected #2 and #3 as the gifts. Some beautiful chain and a gift box should round out the order nicely. I'll be interested in what she would like me to create for her husband's tallit!

I hope to post new pix of my work over the next few weeks. I am in production mode and it feels so good to be back in the studio!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Art Exhibit at the MJCC

The MJCC has once again generously hosted the ORA art show as an introduction to Jewish Arts Month...soon to be renamed Jewish Arts Moments. 

I snapped this off with my phone camera. The exhibit comes down Feb 17th and a new batch of artists will open an exhibit on Sunday the 19th.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Chair Affair: An awesome event!

If you have been reading my previous blog postings, you know how passionate I am about one of the most significant community treasures in Portland. I am talking about the Community Warehouse; a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting people to live independently with decent furnishings. I am talking about children having beds to sleep in!!!!!!
This is a picture of LAMENTABLE - my donation to this year's fund raiser. 

This is my fifth donation to the Chair Affair- the annual fundraising event that allows this stellar organization to meet the needs of a growing client list.

There are all kinds of way you can help:
1. Buy a ticket and come to the event!
2. Come to the First Thursday event in March and leave a donation
3. Write a check and donate to a worthy cause
4. Look around your house.....spare blankets, furniture, sheets? Donate them!

****It's lamentable that my blogging skills prevent me from a adequately enlarging the text on the poster I included with my table donation. The laments on the poster are as follows:

Lamentations from my Studio

  • Ach! I couldn’t find the right table
  • Ay Caramba! No fresh ideas emerging!
  • Darn it! I bought the wrong paint!
  • Oy Vey! My test piece didn’t work at all! Now what?
  • Auwe!  A great Hawaiian lament. Wish I was in Hawaii now!
  • Mon Dieu! I wish I was in France right now. I could use some wine! (whine?)
  • Good Grief! A piece of copper shifted out of place
  • OMG!  I am done... !!!!!


About my project:
This is the first of two posts!

I eventually had fun with this project. I found the small table at the warehouse. It wasn't what I was looking for, but there it was...looking lonely and sad (which is why I can't go the animal shelter!) and it was begging me to pick it.

I brought it home and stared at it. Just when I thought I had time to work on it, a family emergency came up and so the project was put on hold....and out on hold....and put on hold! Then came the dreaded email that talk abut deadlines....and well.....

LAMENTABLE was born. Below is the handout I crafted to go with the project. I think it sums it all up.
I also hope it is legible on this site!

Look for my next post to see how you can contribute to a great organization!