Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Chair Affair: An awesome event!

If you have been reading my previous blog postings, you know how passionate I am about one of the most significant community treasures in Portland. I am talking about the Community Warehouse; a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting people to live independently with decent furnishings. I am talking about children having beds to sleep in!!!!!!
This is a picture of LAMENTABLE - my donation to this year's fund raiser. 

This is my fifth donation to the Chair Affair- the annual fundraising event that allows this stellar organization to meet the needs of a growing client list.

There are all kinds of way you can help:
1. Buy a ticket and come to the event!
2. Come to the First Thursday event in March and leave a donation
3. Write a check and donate to a worthy cause
4. Look around your house.....spare blankets, furniture, sheets? Donate them!

****It's lamentable that my blogging skills prevent me from a adequately enlarging the text on the poster I included with my table donation. The laments on the poster are as follows:

Lamentations from my Studio

  • Ach! I couldn’t find the right table
  • Ay Caramba! No fresh ideas emerging!
  • Darn it! I bought the wrong paint!
  • Oy Vey! My test piece didn’t work at all! Now what?
  • Auwe!  A great Hawaiian lament. Wish I was in Hawaii now!
  • Mon Dieu! I wish I was in France right now. I could use some wine! (whine?)
  • Good Grief! A piece of copper shifted out of place
  • OMG!  I am done... !!!!!

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