Wednesday, February 29, 2012


The Geezer Gallery is an amazing place with a provocative name!

They are hosting ORA artists....some of the artists are 60 + years old and have crossed over into Geezer-dom. For a little while longer, I remain a Geezer in waiting! 

Friday March 1st we will welcome guests to see our art work as well as the art of a number of non ORA artists. SOme of us paired up with a resident of Rose Schnitzer Manor. My partner is a talented artist, Evelyn Hirsch. She created a beautiful pastel picture of flowers. Together, we translated that into a lovely glass serving platter. Photos will follow after the opening.

On March 8th we will have our official opening and will even feature free samples of Ambacht Beer.
Come on over to the Gallery....the art is fine!  

I am grateful to the Gallery for showing my work. I had fun making the glass pieces !

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