Thursday, May 28, 2015

Portland Water Jet Rocks It!

Spent the afternoon at Portland Water Jet yesterday.  They were so easy to work with and although I developed dishpan hands scrubbing the cut glass, I didn't develop carpal tunnel! 

Not only were they efficient and helpful....but they had rocking tunes going full tilt the whole time I was there. The blues, a little reggae, some rock, and more.... Oh yeah...this is the way to work!

Here's a small sample of the glass leaves (clear cap) from yesterday's run!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

A Bejeweled Tray

This is a very sparkly  plate. In addition to the colorful glass blobs, the base plate is made of a dark blue glass that looks like glitter is imbedded!

The recipient says they are fond of jewel tones. I figure , why not provide the "jewels." It is food safe and at 17.5 x 7 inches, it will add some extra "pop" when you you serve hors d'oeuvres at a party.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Hebrew Name Plate

This is a commission for a lucky Bar Mitzvah boy in the midwest.
Mazal Tov Asher! I hope you enjoy your new name plate.

It's 10x10 inches and slumped into a sushi style form. The Hebrew letters are cut from Dichroic glass....most of the other colored glasses add sparkle because of the iridescent finish.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Meet Amanda~Lily

Meet Amanda~Lily!
Unlike my other masks based on characters from Amy Herzog's play 4000 Miles, this one is all glass.

Lily is Leo's sister. Amanda is a young woman he picked up for a one-night stand. I won't spoil the play by sharing all their similarities, but it became clear to me that they couldn't be ignored.

The logical approach was to create a mask depicting both characters. Both characters are drawn in intimate ways , yet occupy very little space in the play.

I am a committed Amy Herzog fan. She is masterful in using dialogue to create her characters and bring out plot rather swiftly. There are no wasted words.

I saw Belleville (another of her plays)  a month ago....and was equally mesmerized.  I'll see any play she has written...You should too!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Meet Bec: a fused glass mask

Meet Bec....a third character in Amy Herzog's play 4000 Miles.
 Bec is Leo's girlfriend...or ex-girlfriend.....
There's no question that she loves Leo...but has had enough!
Bec has aspirations. She is an earnest college student. She has worked in peace corps-like  programs and now is thinking about going to Mumbai with her World Health professor.  I like her. She is honest, forthright, and is headed somewhere.

The Bec mask is predominantly fused glass but her eyebrows are made of computer keys. They say "shift", "reset", "pause (break), and "home".  She sports real earbuds....I wonder whose music she is listening to?

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Vera: Fused Glass Mask

In the play 4000 Miles by Amy Herzog, one of the main characters is Vera, the grandma. She is a card carrying communist and progressive thinker (91 years old). She has challenges I made hearing aid earrings for her. IN fact there is a story about those hearing aids that I will share later in this blog post. Vera may be developing dementia...she is always losing her words so I made glass blobs with her lost words as her curly hair....right there on the top of her head. The sickle and hammer eyebrows are glass and of course reflect her once staunch devotion to the Party. Scrap metal rings and a key make her glasses. Keys are a significant piece of the play (both actual and metaphorical!)

And now for the story about the hearing aids! A number of years ago I had the pleasure of knowing an elderly woman named Sylvia. She was from New York originally and had a thick Bronx accent. She was in a convalescent home where I volunteered. She had a magnificent sense of humor. She had a pair of old hearing aids converted into earrings. Whenever a new care giver or visitor saw her they would usually say in a very loud voice..."SYLVIA, YOU FORGOT TO PUT YOUR EARS IN TODAY!"  and she would loudly reply...."DARLING, YOU DON'T HAVE TO SHOUT! I GOT MY EARS IN....THESE ARE MY NEW EARRINGS!"

The use of  hearing aids as earrings on Vera is in fond memory of dear Sylvia.I love the character of Vera...her dignity, her humor, her absolute "real-ness." And I believe Vera and Sylvia would have been good friends!

The show continues at A.R.T through the end of May! See earlier posts for more details!

Friday, May 15, 2015

Meet Leo- the glass mask

Leo is one of two main characters in the play 4000 Miles by Amy Herzog. He has completed a 4000 mile bike ride from Seattle to NY and lands on his grandmother's door stoop at 3 am. I used bike parts for hair & eyes.Leo's beard is made of copper mesh sandwiched between the glass layers. He is also into rock climbing so I used a climbing carabiner for an earring and attached a key (keys have a role in the play) and a Seattle Mariner's  key chain.

French cleats are attached at the back to accommodate safe hanging on the wall.  He is on display and available for purchase at Artist Repertory Theater through the end of May.
Geezer Gallery manages the exhibit....and info is available on site about purchasing.

Leo is an interesting and mostly like-able character. He's a bit immature....still in the process of trying to find himself (not unlike most 21 year olds.) He is a loving grandson who seems caught off guard by the harsher realities of life, but he also has a keen sense of  environmental politics. He is confused about love...and sex.
You'll need to see the play to see what I spoilers here!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Another Plate in my Journeys Series

This one is called "Each of Us Has A Journey". It was designed after I read the play "4000 Miles" in anticipation of the art show supporting the performance of it at Artist Rep. Theater here in pdx.
There are 4 characters we actually see on stage...and a 5th that appears on Skype.

The base glass is more "vanilla" in color than it appears in this photo...

Thanks to the wonderful folks at Geezer for curating the show. It's pretty exciting to  see my work displayed on pedestals and on a wall!

The exhibit is open daily at 1515 SW Morrison in Portland. It is open Tues-Sat noon-6....and when it's play night!

Monday, May 11, 2015

My Masks

The Play 4000 Miles by Amy Herzog was the inspiration for these playful and colorful masks. These are a departure from my more traditional work and represent not only an exploration of each of the characters but also a journey into mixed media . Only one mask is pure glass. The rest involve bike parts, computer keys, keys, hearing aids, metal, and more.

They are on display and available for purchase at Artist Repertory Theater  through the end of May.  

It's a colorful display curated by Patty Goodlund with Geezer Gallery. Separate from the main lobby exhibit, these masks and other character portraits are located on a wall between the theater and the bar.

Closeups will follow in a few days.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Happy Marriage!

A newly wed couple commissioned this plate after seeing a wall piece with a similar design.
Traveling the banks of the river is a statement drawn from their vows. Blessings to you both.... I hope you enjoy this tray!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

another sneak peak!

Nope....I won't post pics of my masks or glassware at A.R.T. until this weekend.
First Thursday is tomorrow night. Free champagne, noshes, and the opportunity to meet the artists. Learn more about our hosts: Geezer Gallery & A.R.T.

Tonight I will go see the play 4000 Miles that inspired our art! You  should too. I read the play. It is awesome!

Come see us tomorrow night!!!!! You are invited!

Artist Rep. Theater
1515 SW Morrison
Portland, Oregon

Monday, May 4, 2015

4,000 Miles: Glass Mask

                         This is a sneak peek!

Meet Amanda~LilyShe is one of my new glass masks that will be on display at Artist Rep. Theater in Portland through the end of May.

I made 4 character masks based on the play 4,000 Miles written by Amy Herzog. These masks are a new adventure for me and I had a delicious time imagining them! This is the 4th and final mask I made for this production. She is actually 2 characters...or is she?.... but you'll have to see the play to understand my thinking.

Artist Rep. Theater has a gorgeous lobby dedicated to art. Geezer Gallery's Patty Goodlund has curated the show that will celebrate First Thursday on May 7th  between 6:30-7:30pm. A major shout out to Amy Henderson, Geezer's director for everything she has done to make this show a reality. There will be a free reception !

1515 SW Morrison is the place! Come see a variety of art (including mine!)...schmooze with the artists....and discover the themes of this amazing play. I hope you'll decide to get tickets to the play... and I hope you'll find a piece of art that is meant to be yours!

More info can be found at:

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Monday, April 27, 2015

Branching Out!

I've been asked to manufacture 75-90 leaves for a very special project.  I am not at liberty yet to disclose more information.

What's pretty exciting about all this beyond the specialness of the project is that I get to :
a. work with a remarkable artist
b. work with a water jet company and learn more about that process
c. be a part of this wonderful project.

Stay tuned...more info coming soon!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Breath Holding!

A sneak peak at VERA

The artwork is going up on the A.R.T. lobby walls, but my masks are grounded...temporarily.

The silicon adhesive I used to attach the french cleats require 15-21 days to fully cure.  Patty, Geezer Gallery's wonderful curator tried to mount the masks in traditional plate stands but that didn't work. I was prepared to withdraw the masks, but she kindly offered to put them up when they are ready.

The curtains go up April 28. My masks will go up May 4 or 5, just in time for the VIP reception (First Thursday,May 7). 

The masks are playful interpretations of the characters playwright Amy Herzog created. I'll talk about each of them in future blog posts.

I hope you will join me and my fellow ORA artists May 7th at A.R.T. for a champagne and hors d'oeuvres between 6:30-7:30 pm....and/or come see the art and play on another evening!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

I Get By With A Little Help From My Friend!!!!

I was born with two hands but needed 4 today as I attempted to attach my first sets of french cleats.  Thank you dear Diane (ORA member, critique group member, and wonderful friend!)

I'm excited to see how this all works out.

The directions indicate a 7-14 day cure time with a 21 day expectation for a full cure. I had no idea it would take that not sure how to display my work at the Geezer Gallery/A.R.T exhibit hall this Monday. Sigh!  

My technique improved by the 3rd mounting project, but there are so many lessons to learn! 

Wish me luck!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

A Big Shout Out to Brooklyn Hardware Manufacturing!

This is a photo of REAL CUSTOMER SERVICE!

I looks like a hand holding some metal and some wood.

Here's the story:
I have made some wall masks for the TRIFECTA Art Show at Artist Repertory Theater and Geezer Gallery. My problem was how to hang them in the gallery. I knew I needed to use something called french cleats but have never worked with them. The problem is that French cleats aren't compatible with the hanging system at the theater.

The folks at Brooklyn Hardware Manufacturing were unfazed. They make a product called panel clips. They problem solved the dilemma of how to adapt the clips for use in the gallery while retaining the original pieces for mounting in someone's home.

Friendly, helpful, and willing to problem solve.....I am so impressed with the product...and especially the customer service.

Now all I have to do is pray the glue dries in time!

Thank you Brooklyn Hardware!

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Let me tell you about GEEZER!

I just got word that my art submissions have passed muster and I will be part of the TRIFECTA: A Feast for the Senses show at Artist Rep. I am very excited to be part of this wonderful effort. I love, love, love Amy Herzog's play 4,000 miles and hope that my art work crafted for this event will sufficiently honor the show.

In this post I want to honor Geezer Gallery and its founder Amy Henderson. Tomorrow I will share some information about Patty Goodlund, their curator. 

The Geezer Gallery aka TGG is a fabulous concept that honors a segment of the population that is often overlooked.... senior citizens.

Just a few years ago I was able to display/sell some of my art at their Multnomah Village Gallery (they have since moved!)
At that time I dubbed myself a "geezer in waiting." I am officially a Geezer and proud of it!

The face behind TGG is a most innovative and tireless soul, Amy Henderson (pictured above.) I chose this picture of her on the phone because she is always on the move...always doing something energetic to benefit TGG!

TGG isn't just a gallery ... it is a movement! TGG seeks to empower aging artists to continue pursuing their work. TGG wants to empower every senior to have experiences in the arts and in conjunction with medical researchers is exploring the ways in which engaging in the arts impacts the aging brain. I bet you can guess what they are learning!!!!!

No need for me to get into the can discover that for yourself at . I just want to sing their praises!

Go to their website and get your tickets while they last! See you at the show!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Coming in May!

Why TRIFECTA? Because 3 amazing non-profit groups have joined together what they all do best....

Artist Repertory Theater (A.R.T.) , Geezer Gallery, and ORA Northwest Jewish Artists are in collaboration .....At the center of this is a fabulous play  called  4,000 Miles by Amy Herzog.
Geezer Gallery operates the lobby gallery at ART and were most generous in inviting ORA artists to create art focused on the themes of this theatrical Pulitzer finalist .

This is a juried I'll let you know what happens....when I know.

What you should know is that a 4th entity brings the culinary arts into the mix! Jamison Restaurant has designed a most special menu to compliment the theater production and art work (some of the art will be on display at the restaurant!!!!) There is an exciting restaurant, theater , and meet the artists opportunity.

For more information  go to:

I'll post more information soon!
Stay tuned!!!!!!

Monday, February 9, 2015


A most beautiful Bat Mitzvah Girl with a most beautiful tallit! Her request was for hot pink chamsah clips! Not only was it my joy to be her teacher for the upcoming celebration, but I was able to grant her request and make the clips.    MAZAL TOV!!!!