Friday, December 14, 2012


Taking off the mirrors was a 2 person job!

This dresser couldn't look much worse right now!
...but good times are ahead!!!!
I'm grateful that my husband could come help me. Once a few screws were removed, each mirror needed to be braced so it wouldn't fall. 

The paint color is still of great concern but I will get to that next week.....Wednesday?......maybe? Burgundy and burnt umber to the rescue.

I imagine the mirror work will take 2-3 weeks to complete, but if I can get caught up on my commissioned art work, I might be able to get the mirrors finished sooner.

On another note, the warehouse desperately needs some financial donations in these next few days....$5? $25? $100?
Every dollar donated is used carefully to support the needs of those who would like to have a reasonable home with a bed, a table, some dishes. Their goal is to raise $2000/day for the next several days....please help!  in Portland, Oregon

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

When 2 Coats Are Not Enough!

Magenta is not burgundy!
I want Burgundy!
Two coats of paint on some of the dresser helped. I laid a first coat
on the drawer faces. The color definitely deepened, but the difference between magenta and deep burgundy is huge. Basically this color screams HOT PINK! I do not like hot pink!

So what's next? On the advice of an artist (painter), I will investigate streaking the surface with burnt umber. That should deepen the tone. If that doesn't work, I will mix my own paint and start again.
I still haven't had a chance to get everything coated with at least one layer of paint, so it's time to remove the mirror and have at the back facing of it. 

It'll be two weeks before I get back to the dresser. Meanwhile, my mirror plans are firming up. See you on the 19th!