Tuesday, January 29, 2013

How To Cut Glass: A FREE Demo!

This is what we use to cut perfect circles
I'll be demonstrating various ways to cut glass at the MJCC (6651 SW Capitol Hwy- Portland, Oregon) on MONDAY 
FEBRUARY 4th  between 10am- 2pm.

If you'd like to try your hand at it, I will have some glass available for you and will show you how to make simple cuts.

I'll also have some of my work available for sale...and if you mention my blog, I'll give you a discount!

This is part of a new program at Mittleman Jewish Community Center called ArtWorks.....each month an artist will be featured in a demonstration of their work!

Can't make it? Want some of my glass at a discount? Contact me by email (sparksofspirit@gmail.com) and we'll set up an opportunity for you to check out my selection or place a commission order. This offer is effective January 30th-Feb 8, 2013!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Serving Tray FInished

Ready to serve!

It's ready to go! (almost!)
All that's needed are four bump-ons on the bottom and this serving tray will be good to go. Delivery to its new home is scheduled for Monday!

Another Commission- early stages

In Process
It's a flat tray with raised handles. It's called After "Gee's Bend"....inspired by the remarkable quilts made by a community of women quilters in Gee's Bend (Alabama). Their history is long, dating back to times of slavery. Their quilts were made from scraps of material and then put together in artful and non western ways. This pattern is more western but is patterned after a quilt I saw in an exhibit and then later on line.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


The new owners are happy and report their initial reactions to this new installation!

"Not only is it constantly changing with the light, it is visible from the Dining Room table, from the kitchen table where we eat breakfast, and even from the spot in the kitchen in front of the sink, the better to enliven dish-washing moments. After all, we need to be fully present for all aspects of life. All activities, including simply being, invite us to affirm "hineni;" all are gates that can be open; all are part of HaMakom. Your vision in glass helps us remember."

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Commission goes home

Here's the glass work mounted on the wall. French cleats hold the piece in place.  It's such a challenge to photograph glass. There are many details involved in this piece that haven't been explained but each section represents a portion of the biblical story including a river of glass with Torah text inscribed across the panels.

My husband came with me to install the piece. We both enjoyed seeing it on the wall in its new home!


A trip to the scrap yard yielded some aluminum sheeting. A little elbow grease and some cleaning solution....and I had a beautiful, shiny piece of aluminum backing. Since the sinter board covers the center of the aluminum, I didn't have to work as hard! 

My first gluing attempt failed. I forgot that the glue needs some air circulation in order to cure.....so
on try #2 I laid up some spacers (probably overkill) and it worked! The finished product is something I am happy with. 

Check the next posting to see what it looks like mounted on the wall.


STEP 3 : I located some black sintra board and had it cut to size. It is a pvc foam board and a wonderful new discovery.

I used squares of clear glass and glued them to the board. After 24 hours of curing I added the glass panels and let them cure for 48 hours.  


I started over with panel #1. A different tree with better leaves!
Hineni doesn't make an appearance as a word (or proclamation) in this parasha but it is absolutely implied!

Hineni means "Here I am" or "I am here". Jacob encounters God and God's angel.....It felt right to include this word here. The letters are made of clear glass and the leaves are made from dichroic glass.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

New Commission!

Use the following phrase: 
These are words proclaimed by Jacob in the Torah. "How awesome is this place!" is the translation. 
I was also asked to incorporate:
"Ein zeh ki im beit Adonai v'zeh sha'ar ha-shamay im" :  Surely this is the house of God and this is the gate to heaven.

Step 1: Create the Glass Panels

Step 2: Rethink Panel #1 (far right)....hated it!

I'll post what I did to repair the piece....tomorrow.


I'm taking a break from updating the Community Warehouse Chair Affair + project. I need new glass for the top of the dresser.....and the glass sale starts February 5th. Meanwhile, I will catch up on some long overdue commissions. I'll be posting those soon.

Some very messy construction to shore up our garage and deck have kept me out of the kiln shed....so hopefully Sunday, I will resume firing. Temperatures here in Portland have dipped below freezing.

It sounds a bit strange, but it is best not to start the kiln below 39 degrees! So I will simply assemble numerous pieces and head to the kiln as soon as it warms up. 

See you all again as soon as I have some photos to post!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Goodbye Fuschia, Hello Burgundy!

So pleased to discover some leftover paint....much deeper and darker......YAY!
It may require one more coat but then the burgundy paint days are done!
I'll be back at the warehouse on Thursday or Friday to get the other colors of paint going.
Tuesday will be glass shopping day and then I will begin making the stained glass overlay for the mirrors. I've enjoyed the break from painting but am totally jazzed to get back into it now that the dresser no longer screams