Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Time For a New Filter!

Utterly Clogged!
This is a thoroughly clogged and rather disgusting hepa filter for my shop vac. I only use it to clean out my kiln and kiln room. 

My husband was so kind to help me change it out. This dust is a hazard to breathe. We bagged it then sealed it in plastic.

Thank you Jeff for all your help!

He sounded a lot like Darth Vader in that mask!

Sunday, December 6, 2015


clear glass blobs? splashes of water? raindrops? 

A small decorative element for a commissioned wall hanging. I'll make the various components ahead of time, then assemble the piece for a final fuse.

This is not an example of rocket science!
Small squares of glass are stacked and fused hot so the edges round up. If rectanges or triangles are used, a different shape of blob is created.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Torah Pointers (Yads) Revisited

These yads (Torah Pointers) came our of my kiln and were all sold the next day right here in Portland, Oregon!

I'm experimenting with different ways of making these pointers so that the colors can be vibrant or subtle, depending on the needs of the leyhner (Torah chanter.) 

I shifted away from the design that requires torch work. I felt they were too fragile and frankly, I just didn't love doing the open flame-work....I know....that's heresy in some circles!

My most recent batch was less exciting but I learned oh so much more...about volume, color blending, heat...and more.

I'll salvage some of these, polish them, shape the point and fire them so they will be ready for use,  but a couple will be chopped up and reused in my next experiment.

I have several commissions ahead of me so I may be absent from my blog for awhile.

I'll post  the commissions...with permission of the permission of my customers.

In the meantime..... HAPPY CHANUKAH!