Thursday, October 22, 2015

Grandma Vera FInds a New Home!


Last weekend I joined my fellow ORA artists in a Celebration of a\Art weekend. It was an amazing event filled with music, fine art, food and drink samples....and more!

On Sunday a delightful woman came into my booth with her friend.
We chatted for a while and then she perused the glass in my booth. She was drawn to the masks I had displayed. 

I made theses masks last spring for the play 4,000 Miles.

What a pleasure to witness someone take just one look at my glass and ask..."How much?" 

Gulp! I love the masks and had become rather attached. I answered her question honestly and much to my surprise she said "I'll take it!" We exchanged names and I instantly recognized it! Many, many years ago, I was her daughter's camp counselor. Remarkably, she wanted to buy the Grandma Vera mask for her former camper! 

Knowing that the mask is going to a good home where she will be appreciated just made my day!  Having a connection with the new owner....well, that is just awesome!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Healing Hands Fused Glass Commission

It was an honor to create this 12x12 sushi style plate . This was a commissioned piece gifted to a humble and gracious woman for the generous work she has done in her community. 

I am told the gift was well received and appreciated by both the group of individuals who commissioned it, as well as by the recipient. 

As always, the plate was accompanied by a written explanation of the artwork, as well as a blessing for the recipient. I must confess, this is my favorite kind of work....creating commissioned work to be gifted to those who readily gift the community with their volunteer spirit!

Sunday, October 11, 2015


Taste of Art & Celebration of Art 2015!
October 17th 7-9:30
October 18th 10:30-4:40 pm
Mittleman Jewish Community Center
free admission

This is a shot from last year's event. I have new work to offer my customers but the focus this year is on offering more commission opportunities. Instead of buying what you see, you can get your glass customized. Pick the shape, the design, the colors.....I'll make it happen. If you don't see a design you like, we can discuss your ideas and make that happen !

Art makes a great gift and values for the artist and the gift recipient. No gallery mark ups, just quality work for a reasonable price.