Sunday, February 26, 2012

Tallit Clip TIme

It has been busy around the studio these past few weeks!

Suddenly there are numerous commissions for plates, bowls, and tallit clips. 
Sprinkle in 2 lobby shows at the MJCC, meeting the Community Warehouse Chair Affair Deadline (see last post), rounding out a display at the Neveh Shalom lobby, and add in a new show at the Geezer Gallery that opens March1st! (more about Geezer in my next post!)

Pictured above are some sample tallit clips made for a lovely woman in Dayton Ohio! She needed two sets of clips, liked what I had to offer and has ordered a third custom set of clips!

She has selected #2 and #3 as the gifts. Some beautiful chain and a gift box should round out the order nicely. I'll be interested in what she would like me to create for her husband's tallit!

I hope to post new pix of my work over the next few weeks. I am in production mode and it feels so good to be back in the studio!

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