Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The Monumental Sort!

I am sorting through all my glass inventory, display stuff, and bubblewrap!

Thanks to the assistance of my husband....who has no emotional attachment to any of this stuff...we have whittled everything down to a manageable set of storage containers.  

I know....all you can see is part of a messy table. It's more interesting than neatly packed rubbermaid containers.

The end result is a clearly written inventory of what I have and a glaring awareness of what I need to create to have a beautiful fall show.

My next post will share photos of my Bargain Basement items...priced to sell. My mark up is never high so sales are rare. 
At this point I want to make storage available for new items, so it's good news for you bargain shoppers out there. Most items will be priced at cost of glass...not cost to make (kiln time, tools, my time, etc) A few items will be featured BELOW cost!

That post will be up later today. I just need to take photos and asses the cost per item. I will post a few at a time!

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