Monday, July 11, 2016


We need a new garage door. 
That means I have to move my boxes of inventory, display racks, and packaging that are in the way. 

This isn't my garage...but it looks like it if you turn it into a 2-car garage. One of our cars does fit....but mine stays least for now.

The new door arrives tomorrow. I am gifting myself the work week to sort and then re-store my stuff.

The question is what to do with the oldest inventory that no longer resembles work I do?

Hopefully some answers will emerge as I sort!
....wish me luck!

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Giovanni said...

My best suggestion would be to have a garage sale. Figure out what really means something to you in there. That could be a challenge in itself, though. You could mark the items in your garage to attractive bargain prices. You can make money in the process, thus freeing up space for your other car. If all else fails, give or throw the stuff away.