Friday, May 16, 2014

Kiln room gets a sweet entrance!

Kiln Room Porch

I have a new little porch for the kiln room!
Next week a motion sensor light will be installed and I can officially proclaim that this space is DONE! 
(well...almost done...I still need to move in some shelving units and my molds.)

Bedroom Tree House (sorry for the messy bed)
Our bedroom/bath remodel is basically done with just some touch ups left to be done. We will have someone painting our entry hall next week and....a tile guy should be here in a week or so to install new countertop tile that I made in our main floor powder room.  Of course , we haven't begun to deal with window coverings....but the plastic has been peeled off or windows and now the forest is present in our space. It really does feel like we are living in a tree house. 

Main Floor Reading Room

I wish I could say that is the end of it all...but....we still need to paint the house and re-do the upper deck. I suspect that another project will creep in to our minds....but it's really quite thrilling to see the results . We are blessed!

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