Thursday, March 14, 2013

Back to the Drawing Board

Sorry, no pictures to share today!

While the commissioned plate is in the kiln, I can use the "down time" to design the next commission....a wedding gift. It will be a 15" bowl with a mountain and a tree. Creating a mountain that isn't a childish triangle and looks good in glass is proving to be a challenge. I also need to include a line from a poem used during the wedding ceremony. 

I'll be using iridized soft green glass....
-toying with the idea of using silver foil for the mountains.
If I do use silver foil, I'll need to clear cap the piece. If I use glass for the mountain and trees , then I am tempted to place the irid glass on top and go with the matte finish....hmmmmmm.....

This is an incredibly thoughtful gift and I want to honor the newlyweds, but also the folks who have commissioned the piece.

It's back to the drawing board....tomorrow!
Stay tuned!

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