Monday, March 18, 2013

New Torah Pointers!

New Prototype!
This is my newest design in Torah pointers.
Every yad is a modern design and quite unique!

Most Yads (or Torah pointers) are made of silver or silver plated metal. They are shiny but subject to dings and dents. The points are often sharp and they can scratch the parchment.

Some folks use yads that have been "blown" using lampworking techniques in a flame. They tend to mimic the design of metal and fail to advance the natural beauty of glass.

Pictured above, this yad is made from a base of iridized glass and layered with bits of dichroic glass, mica powder, and crystal clear glass. The points are soft and rounded.  No two yads are alike! I'll post some other designs in a day or so when they are complete.

These are perfect as affordable Bar and Bat Mitzvah gifts! 
Contact me if you are interested in seeing the rest of the collection!

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