Monday, March 18, 2013


Ready for delivery!

The Chamsah is a wonderful symbol for any young woman. It is a symbol commonly found on amulets in the middle east. "Chamsah" literally means "five". It is known as "the hand of Fatima", "the hand of Mary", and "the hand of Miriam"- three remarkable women representing three remarkable faiths.
I hope the young woman who recently celebrated her Bat Mitzvah will draw inspiration for strength, courage, and learning from each of these matriarchs.

As always, photographing glass is a real challenge. The glare and reflections are tough to control. The background glass is a beautiful transparent turquoise but In order to minimize glare, I had to shoot it on a black background. 

Now on to my next project....a new design for a Torah pointer- Yad.  These will be made in the kiln rather that worked with a torch. Stay tuned!

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