Friday, January 22, 2010

How Will I know You Were Here?

See full size image

This is how to tell me you have an opinion of what you saw here:
At the bottom of any post you'll see the word comments. CLICK on that and you will be taken to a screen that allows you to comment. After that you type in the silly code they give you, hit return and are no longer a lurker...but a welcome guest!

Leave me a love note or a critique. I'm a big girl...I can take it! Bottom line, tell me you visited so I know someone out there is reading what I post!


estherbeads said...

IMHO, the font is too big on your two latest postings. (Of course, give me a year or two, and I'll probably think it's too small....)

Sparks of Spirit Glass said...

I got feedback from someone that the other font was too small...sigh! We need an option to post fonts by incremental points...or do we already have that option and I can't locate it?

estherbeads said...

Are you using "Large" or "Largest" here? It looks huge. But unfortunately there's no size between "Normal," which is pretty small, and "Large," which is pretty big! Of course, readers can click "zoom in" on their own computers, but not everyone knows that.

Jewish Arts Month said...

it's just large....but it's the last time i will post with it. I'm going back to normal size.
thanks for the input!

estherbeads said...

You might also try using times or Georgia; they don't look quite as large in the "large" size.