Thursday, January 14, 2010


Lots of frustration this week.

I have to give up on my plans to build a table for the Chair Affair because they changed their deadline for getting our work turned in. i understand their rationale but in the midst of JAM planning and trying to get my glass made in time for our art show...this is a set back. I will have to reassess what I can realistically get done for them. It's back to the drawing board.

Frustration #2.... the glass store is back ordered on black/silver irid glass I need....and it may not come in for two more weeks. YIKES!....but, I'm working on a solution. I'll be building 4 new pieces simultaneously so I will cut out all the glass pieces I need that doesn't involve the missing glass. When the black irid arrives, it should be a simple matter of cutting it and layering it with my precuts. With luck I will be able to fire at least three of the 4 pieces in a single firing.

Next week is pivotal. If I can get all the parts cut up for my art show pieces, I can shift my focus to the Chair Affair Project. I do have this bar stool I picked up last year from the warehouse.....I had planned to return it when my original plan failed in last year's project. I'm glad I kept it.....hmmmmm....what to do, what to do?

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When I am not sculpting......... said...

sounds like you are drowning in commitments! Please do not hesitate to reschedule our play date for next week. I am not going anywhere and truly understand the need to say NO sometimes in the honor of self care.