Monday, March 28, 2016

Jakob Daw

Jakob Daw

Jakob is possibly my most favorite Potok character in the book.

He is a lovable but rather strange character. He seems able to charm everyone with his mystical stories and his gentle manner.
Davita tells us, “He was a small man, not much taller than my mother, thinly boned, with delicate features and white hands and narrow shoulders. He looked fragile and infirm.” 
At first glance his stories seem odd, bizarre. I find them allegorical, mirroring events from his own life. The stories are haunting, as are the events of his life.
Jakob’s stories often speak of birds with large dark eyes and short wings. His imagination seems to somehow help him turn his pain into stories that are both deeply political but also painfully personal.

Jakob doesn’t just write stories…he tells them. Words emerge from his lips and take flight. He uses his stories to connect with Davita who lovingly calls him “uncle.”

Unlike the other masks, I needed Jakob's face mounted on backing so I could surround his head with birds... a key element to his stories. His goatee is made with antique typewriter keys I "won" in an eBay bidding war. I lost 2 other bidding wars before scoring these. Dollar store glasses frame his eyes and comprise his nose.

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