Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Davita : The Character Mask

Davita is different from most of my masks because she is primarily constructed from fused glass. She has dollar store glasses with rhinestones and her eyebrows contain txt from the kaddish, a prayer she wasn't supposed to recite (because of her gender.)
She has some of Jakob Daw's birds flying in her hair (dichroic glass) and a menorah pendant because she was so taken with both lighting a Chanukiah and shabbat candles.
Here's what is mounted on the information board below the mounted mask:

I like Davita!
Ilana Davita Chandal is Chaim Potok’s first central female character. 

Despite her youth, she seems to have an old soul. She seems wise beyond her years and despite an inner strength that she demonstrates with frequency, she is still a child. We see her vulnerabilities.

Bright, curious, and a passionate reader; Davita is our narrator. We see the lives of her parents and other adults through her innocent eyes.  

She is natural feminist, questioning the limitations imposed on her just because of her gender. As readers, we feel her joys and her sorrows.

Ilana Davita is who she is. There is no pretense. She is a voracious reader and  eventually becomes a writer.

She is drawn to the stories her mother and Jakob Daw tell. She embraces her devoutly Christian aunt but is drawn to her Jewish roots.

Davita’s father introduces her to the magic of a door harp which becomes her constant “companion” and source of comfort during numerous family household moves. 

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