Saturday, March 19, 2016

Davina's Harp: World Premier in PDX!!!!

Lana Davita Chandal
presents an amazing world premier presentation of Chaim Potok's book, Davita's Harp at Milagro Theater. 
This is a page to stage production that is superbly acted, directed, and produced.

get your tickets while there are a few left!

I've been talking about my journey on this blog for awhile. I've tried to share some of my process with you. 

I've been working hard to craft masks that honor the characters. I am incredibly humbled by this project and must say, I learned a lot in the process.

Gratitude goes to a number of people. Sacha Reich is the visionary and director behind Jewish Theater Collaborative (JTC.) Thank you Sacha for your generous invitation to participate !

My wonderful husband suffered through countless "What do you think?" questions, not to mention the messes I created in the process of making these.

Diane Fredgant is a dear friend and talented artist who gave up her precious free time to not only help me mount the show....but also reprinted and mounted my written descriptions of my work.

Last but not least....Chaim Potok (z"l) who wrote a fabulous book that addresses historical topics that were often taboo. He approaches Judaism from a feminist perspective...a daring endeavor in his time. 

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