Monday, March 21, 2016

Baba glass...and feathers....and bone

Baba Yaga
This mask presented me with numerous challenges but once I began working on her, I couldn't stop! 
Her nose is made from a chicken bone (The soup it came from was delicious!)
She is adorned with real bird feathers and three small craft birds and two dichroic bead warts. 

Although Baba Yaga appears only as a minor character, her name is used 35 times in the book. 

I felt her presence in the story, even when her name was not invoked.

Baba is a supernatural character born into Slavic and European folklore. Depending on who is telling her stories she may appear as one of three sisters who all answer to the name Baba Yaga. 

She may fly around in a mortar while waving a pestle or she can be seen standing in the forest on a single chicken leg. In some tales, Baba Yaga has a repulsive nose. 

Birds frequently accompany her. She is often seen as a ferocious being but she can also demonstrate maternal tendencies, choosing to protect those she deems worthy.

I leave it to you to decide who she is and her role in Davita’s story.

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