Friday, April 19, 2013

New Challah Tray

This was a fun design. The glass is a beautiful piece from Bullseye that casts a silver-gray glow as it streaks through the semi-transparent white. I cut out clear letters and coated the backs of them with blue glass powder and I also sandwiched a square of silver foil between the white and clear cap.

Eight and a half hours of heating to a top temp of 1435° and annealing at lower temperatures, then another 8 hours of cooling fused all the necessary parts into a whole. Cleaning, grinding edges, poilishing and then back to the kiln and onto a mold for another "sauna" session. 7.5 hours of heating to  1250°, annealing, and then 7 hours of cooling brought it to completion. 

This tray will be available for purchase at the lobby show of the Jewish Community Center-
6651 SW Capitol Hwy, Portland - the week on May 19-24.... Come see it in person!

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