Friday, April 5, 2013


Step 2 (see 5 steps below)

Fused glass blobs made from expensive scraps of glass help create this new seder plate. As I mentioned in earlier blog posts, glass is expensive. Glass is purchased by weight or by square feet. Every bit of it has value and it can be used! The glass blobs are made from salvaged dichroic, clear, and the white/silver scrap from cutting this circle.  This plate is currently in the kiln at Step 5 (see below)  It should be cool enough to handle before Shabbat tonight!

Step 1: Cut two circles from clear and from the patterned white/silver glass. Clean and stack in the kiln.

Step 2: Create various sized glass blobs by cutting salvaged glass into small rectangles and squares. Cut matching sized pieces of clear salvage to cap. Stack in the kiln.

Step 3: Full fuse to 1450° (about 6 hours to fuse and 6 hours to cool.)

Step 4: Clean all the glass, then arrange the blobs on the plate. 
Tack fuse (going MUCH slower!) to 1425° (about 18 hours in the kiln.)

Step 5: Clean the glass then place on the seder plate mold. Slump slowly to top temperature of  1250° and slowly cool for proper annealing (about 16 hours in the kiln.)

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