Thursday, April 4, 2013

A Circle in a Square

Cutting a a 14.75" Circle from a 15"x 15" square

This is a great tool for cutting circles! A suction cup holds the unit in place. I hold it firmly with my left hand while rotating the scoring head with my right. It works just like the compass you used in your math class! It takes a little practice and a little finesse.....but then .... voila... a perfect circle!

After the circle has been scored, I score some break lines from the circumference score out to the edge of the glass. Using some pliers I then snap the edge glass from the circle.  

This is a transparent, colorless piece of glass that will be the base of a bowl I have been commissioned to make for a wedding gift. 

The top layer of glass will be green and will be cut to 15". When the top layer of glass is slightly larger than the base, the top layer can neatly cap off the base leaving a beautiful edge.

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