Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Ever wonder why hand made fused glass bowls and other round glass items are so expensive?

I spent part of my morning cutting circles of glass for seder plates, bowls, and trays. It's a meditative thing but it can be costly if the glass breaks.  A circle is cut from a square. There is considerable "wasted" glass , even when you are careful.

My "circles" tend to be less expensive because I try to re-use all the left-over glass and only charge the customer for the actual glass used in the bowl or dish. It may not be good business, but I don't feel right charging  for glass you don't get. Whenever possible, I will try to incorporate the residual glass into my design. I'd like to see anyone who wants to own some nice art glass feel like they can afford my work.

Some of these new circles will appear in some judaica designs....but you can expect to see some other new works as well!

Stay tuned!
I'll be posting finished pieces in the next week or so. 

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