Sunday, April 14, 2013


Both yads allow "magical" light to pass through them....

The green yad I posted last week has found a home in New York! 

SInce I have an upcoming show/sale in May, I have made a new green Pointer and a flashy friend to add to my display.

These are still in process. They need to go through a little more polishing and then back into the kiln for a fire polish. These yads are actually wet so you can see what they will look like when they are finished. Dry, they have a matte finish that is dull and lifeless.  It's amazing what a little scrubbing action and heat can do for glass!

Interested? Send me an email ( or visit me at Portland's Mittleman Jewish Community Center the week of May 19th. I'll post my hours when we get closer to the date.

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