Monday, September 11, 2017

The beginning of a New Glass Journey

Green, green amber, striker orange and red
iridized glass

I've been involved in various volunteer efforts for Cedar Sinai Park for many many that I don't have an exact number. I remember being there with my mom to visit  patients and residents and often playing accordion and guitar for various programs there. I've been helping to lead services and since my retirement from the school district I have been volunteering as a writing teacher, service leader, hebrew tutor, and I also serve on the board of directors.

If you don't know about this amazing organization, you should. It is a model for how to provide services to those who need convalescent care as well as for the elders in our community who desire independence or semi independence in a stimulating environment that feels like HOME! 
Go to: to learn more.

Lots of construction has been happening on site as new buildings have been built and the old building is getting a remarkable facelift. The synagogue at Robison home has been gutted...and as I write this, drywalling is happening.  A brand new ark has been designed by Gary Pearlman, a most talented artist and interior designer. We recently worked together on a metal and glass Tree of Life for the synagogue lobby of Congregation Neveh Shalom....and NOW I am thrilled to be part of this new project. I'm going to build 6 fused panels for the ark doors. Each panel will be 15"x18". This is a new endeavor on a few fronts for me, so I want to chronicle this adventure here in my blog.

Step 1: Consult on the design with Gary and discuss the limitations and advantages of fusing vs. stained glass. 2hrs

Step 2: A field trip to Bullseye Glass. 1 hr

Step 3: A trip to a large format copy machine to create 2 full size cartoon patterns. 30 min

more tomorrow!

Total time to date : 3.5 hrs

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