Friday, November 30, 2012

BURGUNDY- no glass

A fresh can of burgundy paint was purchased and with only 40 minutes available to me, I started slapping the burgundy paint over the primer. I fear it will take at least three coats to get an even layer of paint to cover the primer. The paint is much lighter than the paint chip so I have my fingers crossed that subsequent coats will yield a deeper tone.

Next Wednesday I hope to lay down more burgundy...we'll see what happens. I'll also be taking mirror measurements so I can start designing the stained glass over-lay.

Shopping for paint at my local ABoy store, I again saw Shelinda, a dedicated Chair Affair Artist. She's just getting started on her outdoor art sculpture made from a metal vanity stool. I can hardly wait to see what she does. When she's finished, I'll try to get some pictures and post those here on the blog.

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