Monday, July 2, 2012


Meet Cantor Harold Orbach and his dear wife Polly Siarto-Orbach!

Polly stopped by my booth early last week at the Cantor's conference. I am quite proud of the colorful booth I shared with fellow artists Diane Fredgant and Sharon Segal . Polly said she was drawn in by the colors!

I was struck by how carefully she took in each piece of art. Those of you who know me, know that I love to share words with my customers - glass words, that is! I offered her a "besheyrt" word (a word 'meant to be'.) She drew the word "delight".  Later she came back to my booth . She was drawn to one of my Torah Adornments and wondered if it could be used as a wall hanging. Of course!

And then her husband literally drove in on his scooter. I didn't know at the time that this man was a well known and highly regarded Cantor and performer.  

Polly stopped by the next day to tell me that she had composed her own list of words...and she promised to share them with me! She is a retired educator but is deeply active , traveling, writing, and publishing! We schmoozed some more. What a personality! 

I then learned that Cantor Orbach just celabrated his 60th anniversary as a Cantor. As I understand it, Cantor Orbach was also president of the American Cantors Group. He is a survivor of the Shoah and readily shared some of his memories with me. I believe he is 90 years old. Despite health  and mobility issues, he and Polly flew from Florida to the west coast. They took an Alaskan cruise before coming down to Portland for the convention. 

I took the liberty of googling his name and discovered a youtube video with a sampling of his voice. 
I don't have words to describe what I heard. I urge my readers to check him out. It is a treat!

On the last day of the conference they returned to our booth and purchased my Bamidbar Adornment.
It contains the Priestly Blessing. I am so honored to have my piece in their collection and so deeply touched by the incredible neshamot (Souls) of this couple. Blessings to you both! You have touched my heart!

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