Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Son + Saw = some new glass....finally!

 I still can't do any weight - bearing activities....but now that my son is home for a visit.....he can lift, and schlep, and tote water for my Taurus Ring saw!
I was able to use my left hand to push the glass and only used my right arm to "steer."

Ok, I had to take several breaks to relax the shoulder, but it worked and I was able to craft several tallit clips.

A wonderful discovery in my studio...... apparently I cut some round and square blanks before I broke my arm. YAY! If i can find some clear blanks to go with them or get some help cutting the clear....I will actually be able to begin creating work for the Celebration of Art 2010 show in October (October 24th...in case you were wondering!) This will be ORA: Northwest Jewish Artists 5th annual show (our 3rd at the.
I'll be posting more info shortly!