Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Well, two of the three pieces came out of the kiln looking just like they were supposed to ...but the third...
well...it's pathetic. The color , the shape, the incongruity..AAAAARGH!

I have only myself to blame....I just didn't think it through enough. I have ordered some new dichroic glass which is being made for me and will be ready by Friday...Friday morning I hope! so I can get some work done before Shabbat.

In the meantime, I have more planning and redesign work ahead of me. I won't have time to remake it a third time.....and then there is the fifth and final piece. I started it today  but it needs some of the new glass on order too.

I've cropped the picture so you won't see the total failure of it all. When all five pieces are finished I will see what I can do to salvage this piece ....

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estherbeads said...

I want it.

No, seriously, I think you can do something wonderful with it once the pressure is off. The new one is gorgeous!