Monday, February 8, 2010

Phase 2: "before"

Na-aseh V'snishmah is what the Israelites said to Moses when he told them God had an offer for them (the LAW). They didn't know what they were in for, but having seen a few miracles they knew they were looking at a good deal. They said N-aseh V'nishmah which literally means : We will do and then we will listen. We think that means that they would follow the laws, not knowing what they really meant but that through the doing, they would come to understand. Na-aseh v'nishmah is my journey as I work my way through this series of plates.

For this plate,  I first cut the tablet shape and then split it down the middle. I wrapped these 2 pieces of expensive dichroic glass in newspaper, took several deep breaths and then....smacked them with a hammer...and then I had to hit them three more times because I didn't hit hard enough! It's in the kiln now with plates #3 and 4. Breath holding until tomorrow morning.

I will post the new ones soon. The finished set will hopefully be juried in for the ELEMENTS Gallery show that opens March 4th. ELEMENTS is located on NW 19th and Vaughn. More about that show later.

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