Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The set up

Celebration of Art 2009 was a whirlwind of activity....set up to take down was precisely that.
I managed to snap off a picture of my booth before it was set up but of course was so busy doing other things (customer service, talking, more talking) that I never remembered to snap off some additional pix.
Hopefully someone else in the group did!

We had a great crowd of customers and it was so nice to see such a festive mood. Lots of hugging, laughter and talk! Some artists had better sales than others....the economy is an easy scapegoat. I felt good about my sales and even picked up a few commissions.

Some folks were new to fused glass so I had a lot of fun talking about the process.

And now, it's time to stop procrastinating....gotta put away everything and really finish the studio organization (again!)

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