Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Back By Popular Demand!

I have had several requests to bring back my Lamed- with heart plate.
The lamed is a hebrew letter- its name forms the root word for learning.
As a teacher, I am an advocate for life-long learning.
The lamed is made from copper foil and is embedded between turquoise iridized glass and clear.
The heart is a fused piece of hot pink striker glass with a second dichro heart.
I am smitten with the shape of the plate. It's called origami and it folds in interesting and asymmetrical shapes. The person who buys it will get a handout with information about the mystical meaning behind the letter!
Come see me at the J this Sunday for Celebration of Art '09!...specific address and times listed just a couple of posts below.

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estherbeads said...

Too cool! I love that you include a heart, which also starts with Lamed. People named Liberman like that sort of thing (g)...