Thursday, February 25, 2016

Michael's Eyes

The kiln is too hot to open, but here is a glimpse at Michael Chandel's eyes, pre-fired.

Michael is a reporter who covers a variety of social justice issues. He is a tireless organizer for the Left. His politics make for insecure housing and risk taking that carries him to Guernica as a war correspondent.  

You might be wondering about the stripes on his face He was a supporter of the International Brigade during the Spanish Civil War. These were the colors of their flag.

If you are checking my blog for the first time, please scroll down to read about my mask project. 

Today I begin focusing on Jakob Daw. Jakob is a writer/story teller.
I have already cut out his face blanks...but now I have to commit to whatever design edits I come up with....and I need to make it happen now!Hopefully he will go into the kiln Friday.

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