Wednesday, January 6, 2016

When the Weather Outside is.....

When the weather outside is
The kiln sits idle.

I have no excuses....I could be cutting glass, assembling projects, and filling that cold empty kiln but as first the snow fell and then later freezing rain and black ice, it became down time. A chance to rest, renew, reimagine.

Today I'll return to the studio. A little cleaning and then I will tackle the first of two commissions. I'm slowly sipping my coffee, and writing this entry as the 1st glass task begins to sort itself out. A friend's dog needs walking and I have to replenish some staple kitchen products (we've been indoors for several icy days), and then I'll begin.

I store my large format glass outside. I know that many folks cut glass cold. I'm going to bring it inside and let it get warm and cozy while I walk the dog and run errands. The anticipation will build and by the time I set out to score and break my glass, I will have visualized the whole piece. I won't be posting a photo of this piece, as requested by my patron, but I may be able to post a portion of it. 

In a few days I'll have a second item that I can share with you. It's time to walk that dog!

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