Thursday, April 9, 2015

A Big Shout Out to Brooklyn Hardware Manufacturing!

This is a photo of REAL CUSTOMER SERVICE!

I looks like a hand holding some metal and some wood.

Here's the story:
I have made some wall masks for the TRIFECTA Art Show at Artist Repertory Theater and Geezer Gallery. My problem was how to hang them in the gallery. I knew I needed to use something called french cleats but have never worked with them. The problem is that French cleats aren't compatible with the hanging system at the theater.

The folks at Brooklyn Hardware Manufacturing were unfazed. They make a product called panel clips. They problem solved the dilemma of how to adapt the clips for use in the gallery while retaining the original pieces for mounting in someone's home.

Friendly, helpful, and willing to problem solve.....I am so impressed with the product...and especially the customer service.

Now all I have to do is pray the glue dries in time!

Thank you Brooklyn Hardware!

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